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All classes are suitable for boys or girls.

Rising Fives:-  For 4yrs to early 5 yrs recreational class for all school aged children who would like who are transitioning between Preschool and our recreational/General gymnastics program. Involving games and some play themes.

General Gymnastics:-  They are fun, safe and friendly while teaching the basics of gymnastics. Most children start in a General Level 1 for gymnastics and children will be assessed to see if they would like to move to a development group which will work towards competitions and perfectly skills.  

General Level 2:-  Recreational/General gymnastics for those children wanting to spend more time working in the Gym working on their skills with opportunities to compete at Basic level competitions.

Tumble Classes:- Where you can learn to somersault, flic, aerial or twist!

Trampoline Classes:- You can fly into somersaults, twists and rebounds!

Please remember Annual Club membership 2019/20 of £20 is payable on enrolment and British Gymnastics Membership must also be paid within two weeks of joining £19.00 for over 5's and £13.00 under 5's.