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Preschool Returns from 1st September 2020

General Information for Preschool:

  • All Pre-School children will need to have an adult accompany them when sessions restart. All rules apply to both our pre-schoolers and their parents. 
  • Reception is closed we are contactable via email, Facebook messenger or phone. Cards will be available on the door.
  • Social distancing will be in place at all times during classes.
  • Children should not come to their gymnastics class if they or anyone they have been in contact with have symptoms of coronavirus (
  • Please bring as little as possible to your pre-school session. You will need to bring a box/tub for your child and your own shoes, water and hand sanitiser if you have your own. If you forget or do not have one suitable then we do have a limited amount that can used and these are sanitised before and after use.
  • Both your hands and your child’s hands will need to be sanitised on entry to the building. Please bring your own sanitiser if you have it to speed this process up.
  • If a child becomes injured during a gymnastics class and a coach needs to give first aid then mask, glasses and gloves will be worn. Our coaches have retaken their first aid certificates and have focused on how to provide effective treatment curing COVID-19 whilst also keeping both the gymnasts and themselves safe.
  • The gym will be fogged with Dasics Aerokleen ACS between every Preschool Play, this is used by many airlines to decontaminate their cabins after a flight to an outbreak area. ACS gives a 24hr residual kill of greater than 90%.
  • Toilets will be allocated to groups of pre-schoolers to limit cross contamination as much as possible. Everyone entering the gym should go to the toilet before leaving the house to limit use of our toilets as much as possible.
  • The pits are not in use in the gym. Matting is covering most of these but there are some areas that are still foam. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure your child does not go in the foam. If this happens we have to empty the area of the pit where they were, clean the foam they touched, spray with area with a disinfectant and then quarantine this part of the gym. This is a lengthy process and if it happens this means no one else in the gym can use this area.
  • Adult and Children's temperature will be checked, if their temperature is lower than 37.5 degrees they can enter. If their temperature is higher, we will retest them with a different thermometer, if it is still above 37.5 degrees unfortunately, they will not be allowed entry to the gym and will be offered a make-up session at a later date once they no longer have a temperature.
  • Please use hand sanitiser every time you move to a different area of the gym, if you need feet santiser too please ask a coach and we can help you with this. Please also use hand sanitiser again if you or your child coughes or sneezes. As mentioned if any bodily liquids get on the equipment please use the wipes or spray which can be found at multiple stations around  the gym.
  • Please listen carefully to the coaches and ensure you are maintaining social distancing at all times.
  • All of these measures have been implemented to keep you and you child as safe as possible so we ask for your understanding in these times. 

Preschool Play:

 This session is a play on the equipment session, 

  • Preschool Play classes must be pre-booked online. This is to ensure we do not exceed the maximum number of people in the gym and also to ensure we have everyone’s contact details for Track and Trace purposes. 
  • There will be 16 spaces for children per pre-school drop-in session. Any children in a baby carrier will need to be included in these numbers and payment will be required at this time. We will review the situation after 6th September 2020.
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your session is due to start, because of the increased cleaning and measures in the gym there is no spare staff after the session has begun meaning no one will be available to let you in if you are late.
  • Stamp cards for sessions can still be used, these will be stamped by staff wearing masks and gloves to limit contact. 
  • Online option will be added in the future.
  • As previously stated lost cards must be treated like cash, this means if you have lost your drop-in card we are unable to issue replacements and you will have to purchase a new card.
  • If your child gets any bodily liquids on equipment we will ask that you wipe this up using the cleaning materials we have at stations around the gym.

Structured Preschool Classes

These classes follow the normal bi monthly timetable but does not include school holidays and need to be booked in advance.Termly classes can be booked in a block of 2 months with a reduced cost of £5.25 per class. Club membership and British Gymnastics membership are payable for gymnasts attending on a termly basis.


Twinkling Stars: Parent and child structured class age 18mth plus. The cost of each 45 min class is £7.00 per child on a one off basis.


Shooting Stars: Independent class for children age 21/2 plus. A perfect class to prepare your young gymnast for bigger skills.