FAQ's Penryn Gymnastics



What should they wear?

We ask that all children wear a leotard for our uniform policy.  It can be any make leotard to train in however if you are invited to compete at a competition or be selected for a display then we will require club uniform.  Please note for safeguarding only the girls attending more than 3 hours in one session can wear a crop top and shorts due to how hot they can get while training.


What should they bring with them?

All they need to bring is a drink, this is very important as the gym does get very warm when the children are running around.


What time should you arrive?

It is best to arrive 5 minutes before your class starts this means you shouldn’t get any problem with parking or if there are any payments to be made they will be done before the class starts and this way your child won’t miss any of the warm up. If you are more than 10 minutes late then your child will not be able to join in with the class, the warm up is one of the most important parts of the sessions and therefore cannot be missed. If you are to turn up late then there is the option to use the one make up sessions if you have not already used it.


Where should you go when you arrive?

When you arrive please try to park in allocated spaces either in front of the gym if not there is parking at the side of the building. When coming into the building make sure that the child is ready to enter the gym and move to the “IN’ door in the reception waiting area. The class will be called in from there.


Where should the child leave their belongings?

All their belongings apart from their drink must be left in the waiting area. Please encourage the children to place them to the side or in a box and not in the centre of the room.

Bookings & Payments

Club membership?

Club membership for 2019/20 of £20.00 is payable on enrolment and includes £5.00 towards any Penryn Gymnastics merchandise.

What is British Gymnastics insurance?

Money paid to British Gymnastics is a compulsory insurance fee that runs from October to September. All participants must pay membership to Penryn Gymnastics Centre to be included on the insurance so they can take part in our gymnastics sessions. Individual membership is required after two weeks from British Gymnastics.  The cost from September 2019 is £19 for over 5's and £13.00 for under 5's.

When do we pay for next half term?

Three weeks before the current half term finishes we will send out an invoice via email (please make sure you check your junk mail box or your child’s place may be lost) from there you can pay for the upcoming half term. This payment must be made one week before the end of term. This allows us to complete administration involved ready for the next half term and give everyone plenty of notice of any changes. If payment is not received by the due date the place will be dropped one week before the class starts again.


What happens when my child changes classes?

Please be aware we are an expanding club therefore when a child changes classes, it’s not as simple as just amending the register. There is a lot of behind the scenes administration associated with it so please bear with us. Any change must have one of the following:-

1. The online waiver agreed to again
2. An email must be sent to the club stating you agree to the change
3. A signature on the change of class form
The change will only be valid after Penryn Gymnastics has confirmed the completion of one of the above procedures.


Where can I find the dates for holiday classes?

A few weeks before the holidays start we will update our website with the days and times. This can also be found on our Facebook page a few weeks before the holidays.

Rewards & Badges


What do we do with the stickers the children are given?

Children will be awarded a sticker according to their performance and behaviour throughout each session. At the end of each class one child from each group will be awarded ‘star of the day’ this means that they have clearly impressed the coach and will be awarded another sticker. Please find attached a copy of our reward chart ready for you to print on the downloads page. Once the child has filled their sticker chart they can bring it into the gym and will get to choose a prize from our reward bucket, you will need to print and start collecting all over again!!!


What are British Gymnastic badges and when do they take place?

The British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Badges have 8 levels that have been specifically designed for young gymnasts. The British Gymnastics Advanced Proficiency Badges are for older gymnasts or for those that have completed the previous Core badges. They provide a progressive, developmental structure for gymnasts to work towards. We try to fit badge testing once every term and will post on our Facebook, our website and have a poster up in the waiting area. Please try to attend all weeks as we may slot some testing in at a different date.


What opportunities are there if my child is absent during a badge testing week?

If requested, private 1:1 sessions can be booked via email (admin@penryngymnastics.co.uk ). The price of these will vary depending on the cost of the level of coach available.


Does my child need to be a particular age to do their badges?

No your child can be any age to take part in core proficiency badges but in most circumstances will start from badge 8 and work there way down to badge one. Usually the Advanced badges are undertaken after the Core proficiency Badges are completed, by older gymnasts or on assessment by a coach who will advise which badges to work to.