Code of Conducts Penryn Gymnastics

Our Welfare Officer is Vicky Lea. You can contact her on telephone no: 07479 939097

Penryn Gymnastics Centre has the right to ask anyone not complying with the code of conduct to leave a club session.


In the case of GYMNASTICS CLUB has the right to ask anyone not complying with the CODE OF CONDUCT to leave a club session or in the case of ongoing infractions to leave the club.

Policies & Procedures Penryn Gymnastics

Penryn Gymnastics Centre adheres to company policies and has set procedures in the event of a complaint please read our grievance and complaints procedure. Feel free to read through our health and safety and child protection policies.

G.D.P.R regulations Penryn Gymnastics

Penryn Gymnastics Centre in accordance with the new G.D.P.R. regulations have put together this privacy policy for all customers. This PDF informs you how Penryn Gymnastics adheres to G.D.P.R. regulations and how we handle your data.

Downloads Penryn Gymnastics

Penryn Gymnastics Centre offers rewards for hard work and consistency. We have implemented this as a sticker chart which your child collects each lesson. Once full they can pick one item from an assortment in our prize bucket.

Security & PCI Compliance Penryn Gymnastics

PCI Compliance requires that Studio Director (Penryn Gymnastics Centre's booking system) never displays an entire credit card number. Within our database, all credit cards are masked, so that only the first digit and last 4 digits of the card display. The remaining digits are hidden and display an asterisk (*).


Our Payment Partners also provide an additional measure of security by vaulting credit card details. When a family's credit card number is entered and saved in our database, it is immediately transmitted securely (in an encrypted state) to our gateway. The gateway adds this new customer and credit card number to its vault. A Vault ID is sent back to your database, and it replaces the credit card number on the Family Billing Info page. When we process an ePayment for a family using a card saved on file, only the Vault ID is transmitted with the transaction, no credit card information is sent. PCI Compliance


Defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, this information security standard was created for organisations that handle cardholder information for the major debit, credit, prepaid, eCheck, ATM and POS Cards. This increases controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud via its exposure.



Studio Director and World Pay is enrolled in CertifyPCI's program to provide merchants with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance which is mandated by all major credit card assocations. You can view our CertifyPCI Compliance Status Report by clicking the CertifyPCI icon below.